A Make Believe World

It may interest you to know that although the five of us live in the same house, the children all live in their own little world. Currently, they all have very active imaginations. It’s so much fun to go to make believe world with them.

Emily lives in princess land. In her world, she has an imaginary friend named Elisa. She is a big, pink bunny. Her grandmother lives here in Plainview and they go to McDonald’s fairly often. The other day, I found this letter that Emily wrote to her.
We love that she is trying to figure out how to spell words on her own. The letter says, “Dear Elisa, I think it is time to come to see you at your house in Mermaidia because I really miss you and…” she didn’t finish the letter. I am sure there will be more to come at another time.

Timothy’s make believe world is not quite so subtle. In his world, I am not sure if he is a doctor or a daddy. He pretends it is his duty to take care of all his stuffed animals. On his bed is DeeDee (a bear with a blanket), Bob (a really big teddy bear that Scott gave me the first Christmas after we started dating), his doodle monster, Winnie the Pooh, a tiger he got for Valentine’s Day, a long red dog (that used to be Scott’s), and a Golf teddy bear (from build-a-bear workshop in Nashville). Yesterday as Zachary and I were playing in the living room, Timothy came in, put his finger to his mouth, and said “shhh! peas be quiet mama and zachry. Big bear is sleeping on my bed. Shhh!” I went to his room and, sure enough, there was Bob laying under Timothy’s covers. Timothy said, “Big bear is sick. He is sleeping to feel better.” And then he gently patted Bob on the head. Several times throughout the morning, he would go check on Bob.

Even Zachary likes to play pretend. His vocabulary has not extended much past saying ball, this, mama, or dada, so his make believe world is quite subtle. I think his world is much like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. He likes to pretend to eat EVERYTHING. We have a shape sorter that looks like a sauce pan that has plastic letters in it. Zachary likes to take a letter out of the “pan” and pretend to eat it. He even makes a crunching noise. The letter never actually goes in his mouth, so he’s not actually trying to eat it (this is a good thing). We catch him pretending to eat things all over the house. Sometimes, he even pretends to eat his brother!



2 thoughts on “A Make Believe World

  1. There’s nothing quite like a child’s imagination. Scott always had a great and very unique and humorous imagination.

  2. What about the Mommy and Daddy’s make-believe world where children have on and off switches and volume knobs. Of course, they would usually be turn on and turned up but there are times . . . .

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