The child’s thesaurus

I know it has been a while since my last posting. Spring Break derailed me a bit but thanks to the children, I have a few more entries to add to the dictionary.

  1. Lemolade: just a very cute way that Tim refers to his lemonade.
  2. Becarefuled: I bet you didn’t know that the phrase “be careful” is a verb. Thus, if you are told to “be careful” and you were obedient, you can claim that you “becarefuled”.
  3. Sugar milk: I didn’t witness this one, but I am told that upon first seeing a substance we know as powdered milk, Timothy was certain is actually called sugar milk, you know, since its white and powdery like sugar.
  4. Laller: This one is from many moons ago, when Emily was little. But, I still use it to this day. It means “other.” For example, “Where is my laller shoe?” It was also part of another word, “Grandlaller”, or grandmother.

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