It’s A Small World … Afterall

Yesterday, I participated in a garage sale with several other couples from our Sunday School class. Because we recently threw away most of our junk and sold most of our baby stuff to a resale shop, we only had about 8 things to actually sell at the garage sale. It was quite productive — at the end of the day I had sold two infant carriers, two vacuum cleaners (because we really didn’t think we needed to have four), a CD tower, a pull-cart, and a small grill. I left with $65 in my pocket and a toaster that did not sell. Not bad at all. Others in the group, that had more to sell, really did very well. We had one couple that made $200!

Also participating in this garage sale was the co-worker of a friend from Sunday School. As is usually the case when meeting someone new, I found a way to talk about the kids. Turns out that this woman and I had something in common. She has two children — a daughter, age 7, named Emily and a son, age 2, named Zachary. It’s too bad she doesn’t have a Timothy. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.


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