Driving Miss Emily

Third time’s a charm. In the last week, I have sat down to type up a thought or two on this blog and have talked myself out of it. Somehow, I convinced myself that whatever I said here needed to be truly profound and meaningful. Of course, I know there are readers out there, especially friends and family members, who’ll tune in just to learn what’s going on in the family. But a large part of this blog exists to simply journal, or document, those events that I don’t want to forget. This is such a blog entry.

By the way, I am curious about the use of the word “blog.” I have typically used it to refer to an entire site that would fit into the category of a weblog. Is it also appropriate to refer to an entry of a blog by simply the word, “blog”? For example, could the last sentence of the previous paragraph have simply said, “This is such a blog.” After all, I would say I am “blogging” right now but I am only adding a single entry to the site, not creating an entire new website. For all I know, “blog” isn’t even a real word (yet).

This year has been a new experience for me when it comes to mornings. Before this year, I would usually rouse myself out of bed sometime before 7am and be off to work before 8 rolled around. There were even days when I’d go to work by 7 or 7:30. I remember that as a student at Wayland, my mentor, Dr. Almes, was always available to answer questions as early as 7:30. Sadly, that is no longer true, for any of the mathematicians in our department. This semester and last, I have had the honor of escorting my lovely daughter to school each morning. Her school begins at 8:30 so the two of must leave the house by 8:15 each morning. We do quite well at this. I don’t think we have ever been more than 5 minutes late.

Let me just point out some of the things I really like about my ride with Emily:

  1. Emily loves to sing. It is rare that she does not ask to listen to music on the way to school. We’ve gone through quite a set of CDs this year. Listening to MercyMe, praise and worship choruses, memory verse songs from Upward Cheerleading CD, the Beatles, Rebecca St. James, Maroon5, BabyGenius (Classical Music), and probably even more that I can’t remember. She probably knows a song or two by heart from every CD. She definitely knows every song on her Upward Cheerleading CD, since we’ve been listening to it every day for 3 or more months now.
  2. Emily loves to talk. Even if we’ve had a hectic morning because we woke up late and had to rush to get ready and eat breakfast. Emily is usually all cheered up by the time we get to school because we have talked about any old thing that has popped into her head. Most often we talke about her upcoming day, who she is going to see and talk to and play with, what they are studying in class, etc.
  3. Emily loves a good laugh. “Knock, Knock . . . Who’s there? . . . Emily . . . . Emily who? . . . .Emily Diane Franklin, silly! It’s me!!”
    Why is that funny? I have no idea but I still laugh when I hear her making up new jokes all the time. She thinks its particularly funny when we sing extremely loud like we’re on American Idol. She also thinks its quite funny the way that my rear view mirror will make it look like I have teeth on my forehead. This happens when it is real sunny out.
  4. Emily likes me to walk her all the way inside. The very first day or two of school last year set a pattern for the rest of the school year. I see many parents drop their kids off from the car. Others will sometimes just walk them to the sidewalk. There are several of us, mostly Dad’s, surprisingly, that walk our daughters all the way to their lockers inside. Maybe I am just sentimental, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I ask Emily if she’d like me to leave her just at the door or walk her all the way in. She almost always prefers an escort. Plus, she never forgets to give me a big hug goodbye before she goes into her classroom.

I treasure my daughter and never want to take our time together for granted. There are challenging times already as a parent of a 5 year old girl, and I know that there will be much more challenging times ahead, but I am not going to miss any of it and I am trying to make the most of every minute I have with her. I hope she remembers how much her Mom and Dad have always loved her and always will.

I am going to go kiss her on the forehead. . . “Good night princess.”


4 thoughts on “Driving Miss Emily

  1. Emily likes me to walk her all the way inside….
    Enjoy it while you can. The day will come when she’ll want you to just drop her off at the corner–like when there’s a melted candy bar that “everybody can see” in the back of the station wagon.

  2. Yes, there will be times when she will go out of her way NOT to be seen with you, but those times will also pass. You are laying the foundation for a wonderful relationship in the years to come. Trust me, she will always know how much you love her and are there for her. Even during those trying teenage years……..(and they don’t last as long)

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