That’s What Big Sisters Are For

For those readers who also read Zone Defense, it may seem we have forgotten about the boys and are both blogging about Emily today. That’s not exactly true this time. This particular entry was originally going to be about something Timothy did at a party we attended on Saturday, but I have gotten some more information since then and have learned that Emily played a part in this event.

On Saturday, we went to a birthday party for one of Timothy’s friends. This little girl is exactly a month older than Timothy. Her family moved to Canyon around Christmas, so it had been a while since Timothy had seen her. In fact, when we asked Timothy if he remembered this little girl his response was that she was sick and he was happy she was better. Anyway, the party was in Amarillo. So, we spent the night with Scott’s grandparents and then went to the party on Saturday morning.

The party was at a place called Jump-N-Jive. It has about 10 inflatable toys for kids to jump and play on. It was really a neat place. Everyone had a great time! Emily has decided that is where she wants to have her next party.

Upon arrival, we played for about an hour. Zachary got very excited about the area with soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs to play with. Scott was with him and said that Zachary kept saying “ball” over and over again.
zachball.jpg zachplay.jpg
Emily and Timothy (and most of the other children) really enjoyed the BIG slides.
timplay.jpg emtimslide.jpg emplay.jpg
About a half hour before the end of the party, the birthday girl bumped her mouth on something. Timothy, being the tenderheart that he is, noticed his friend crying so he went over to her and gave her a very sweet little kiss on the cheek. It was just precious.

Here’s a picture of Timothy and the birthday girl. Can you blame him for calling her his girlfriend? Isn’t she pretty?
Later, I found out what the birthday girl bumped her mouth on. Purely by accident, Emily had knocked her off one of the toys.

Hopefully, Emily won’t always beat up on her brothers’ girlfriends so they can show their sensitive side….



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