Easter, 2006

We had a great holiday! I thought I’d record some of the highlights of the weekend.

  1. On Good Friday, I had the opportunity to go out to the links in Plainview and play a round. I shot a fairly decent round, hitting 3 under my handicap of 12. Overall, I shot an 80. I’m pretty pleased.
  2. After the round of golf, I took a trip over to the baseball field at Wayland and got to watch WBU beat OBU with two consecutive homeruns in the bottom of the 10th. My daughter, as well as a friend and his daughter, enjoyed a fine afternoon at the ballbark complete with hot dogs, nachos and M&M’s. On top of everything, I learned today that the sweep of OBU was even sweeter as they were ranked as the number 2 team in the nation. Nice!
  3. The Easter weekend got into full swing on Saturday with two easter Egg hunts with a trip to SpudNuts in between. The first hunt was at the church where Emily, Timothy and Zachary hunted an area marked off for preschool and kindergartners. Emily made quite a haul but Timothy was a bit slow thinking he had to stay next to Mom the whole. At the second hunt which took place at the Hospital, there were quite a few more folks from all over Plainview there.

    Timothy and Zachary took me around to the area for 0-3 years, while Emily hunted with other kids closer to her age. At this one, they each collected even more eggs than the last. Although, far too many were simply egg shaped sugar candies which turned out to be quite nasty.

  4. The rest of the day was a bit slow, as Lori and I decided whether to stay at home or head off to Amarillo. In the end, our sluggishness got the best of us and we decided to stick around and go to an early service at our church on Easter morning.
  5. We attended the early service at church which unfortunately was very cold (for April with the sun out, but actually, just the breeze was cold). We survived.
  6. After a churchwide pancake breakfast, we were off to Amarillo for a family dinner and another egg hunt. After the ham and my delicious potato salad, we hunted the eggs. For future reference, be careful not to hide chocolate eggs in direct sunlight. Seems like an obvious thing but we learned by trial and error. Granny Brown made the trip over for a nice, almost complete holiday with the my family. We did miss the Nichols girls quite a bit.

Let me just say that even though it seems the true meaning of Easter was missing from all the events above, we did not fail to remember exactly what the celebration was all about. Without the resurrection following the crucifixion of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, life would be without hope, without meaning, without significance. We gather with family, we attend church, we pray together, all because of the gift of the cross and the power of the empty tomb.

Stay tuned for some new words discovered over the holiday as well.


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