Boys Are Yucky

Oooh! Double post day!

Not long after we learned that Timothy was going to be a he, people felt the need to share all kinds of lovely stories about the not-so-clean things that their sons did. We’ve had a few yucky situations over the last three years, but really nothing too noteworthy.

This afternoon, an interesting thing happened.

After his nap, Timothy made his necessary trip to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom, he brought me a blue easter egg and said, “Mama, I go pee pee.” I congratulated him and then noticed some liquid in the egg. I then instructed him to carefully empty the egg into the toilet and throw the egg away. Ick!

I guess he’s getting pretty good at aiming!


3 thoughts on “Boys Are Yucky

  1. OMGosh girl that is icky LOL but very cute though 🙂 Boys can be so gross but they mean well LOL Tre is the same way- oh the things we’ve seen over the past four years! God bless ’em!

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