Where’s Zachary?

I will forever by grateful that we live on a quiet street and that our neighbors do not work for Children’s Protective Services…

Let me tell you why.

It’s true what they say. The third child often gets overlooked. I have had a friend tell me a story about making it halfway to the grocery store before realizing that the baby (her third child) was still at home in the bassinett. Zachary has a new game. He has extended peek-a-boo to whole new level. A few weeks ago, while we were packing to go somewhere, we discovered that he had gone missing. I thought he was playing in his closet. Turns out, that was Timothy. We later found Zachary in the backyard playing with the dogs.

That little experience should have been enough to teach us to be sure the screen doors are locked. But, we did not learn our lesson.

Yesterday, we were getting ready to go for a walk. I was in the bedroom putting my tennis shoes on and Scott was putting some things away after changing the oil in his car. I heard Scott checking to be sure that the kids all had their shoes on. Then, he asked, “Where’s Zachary?” We all started checking the usual places, but could not find him. Then I noticed the front door was open, so I headed out the screen door to the front yard. Then, I saw my precious 16 month old happily walking across the street back towards our house. Our neighbors were all out in their yard watching him. I scooped him up and ran back into the house. All was well.

Just when we think we having parenting figured out, one of the kids does something unexpected.


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