Words of the week

Some words for the week from the mouth of Timo.

Abigirl: During the recent Easter holiday, Timothy was pretty worried over the fact that his little brother was stealing eggs from his second cousin. He let us know by tattling, “Zachary’s taking Abigirl’s eggs.” So, Abigirl is the Timo version of Abigail. Cool, eh?

Toasters: “I love Emily’s toaster’s.” “Her what?” “Her toasters. They on her wall. I like my toaster, too.” Lori made Emily a full set of Princess posters and Timothy just wanted to let me know how much he liked them. He also likes the Tweety poster that is on his door.

Pupcakes: These are small, personal sized dessert cakes made from dog meat. Yum. Actually, no. These would be a favorite of all three children. None of them practice any restraint when you set a cupcake in front of them. They dive in with no reservation at all. And as one might expect, the size of the resulting mess is inversely proportional to their age.


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