Standing Room Only

I wish I’d been able to find the camera when I walked into the boys’ bedroom this morning. It wasn’t in it’s spot (yes, things have a spot in our house!), so I assumed it was still in Scott’s office.

Here’s what I would have taken a picture of…

As I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that there are NO toys on the floor. Usually the wall is lined with trucks, cars, and airplanes of various sizes and even a Little People race car track. I also noticed that there are NO stuffed animals on Timothy’s bed. There is generally an extra-large Blue dog, an extra large teddy bear, a small Winnie the Pooh, a clown, a golf bear, a small tiger, a dog puppet, a long red dog, a small rainbow blanket, a Nemo comforter, three small pillows, and three standard size pillows and a little bear attached to a blanket. Surprisingly, there is room for Timothy. This morning, all that was on the bed was Timothy, his Nemo comforter, and two small pillows. There have been times when all Timothy’s toys found their way to the floor, but that wasn’t the case this morning. The floor was bare. Our changing table has two shelves full of toys. They were about half cleared. Where did all these toys end up?

In Zachary’s crib. Perhaps the biggest adjustment to having the boys in a room together is that Timothy really likes to share his toys with his brother. Zachary was standing in the corner of the crib and could not move. The stuffed animals and pillows from Timothy’s bed are enough to fill up the crib. Add all the cars, blocks, airplanes, balls, books, blankets, and Little People, and there is a small mound that is over the top of the crib.

After putting the toys away and getting the boys settled for breakfast, I noticed the camera sitting on the kitchen counter. Bummer…

I am sure this will not be the last opportunity I have to get a picture of this.


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