My WordPress Hobby

I imagine that most “normal” people have hobbies such as fishing, gardening, even watching TV or just reading. I even looked up on the internet to learn that, according to Harris Interactive, the most popular hobbies are
Reading (26%)
TV Watching (15%)
Spending time with family/kids (11%)
Fishing (8%)
Gardening (8%)
Playing team sports (7%)
Going to movies (6%)
Swimming (5%)
Golf (5%) . . . (and many more)

It looks like about 4% of the American population shares my affliction of the curse hobby of “Computer Activities.” I am just curious how many people out there would rather tweak the source code of a wordpress theme, develop php scripts to add “flare” to my blog, or even repair a damaged SQL database table, than to do any of those things on the above list. Of course, there are times that family time outranks computer time. And, at least as often, I’d probably rather be golfing (but who can afford that).

At any rate, this blog entry serves the primary purpose of being a guinea pig for a couple of new things I am developing. You may not see any change at first, since I am on the steep part of the learning curve, right now. But just you wait…


3 thoughts on “My WordPress Hobby

  1. It must run in the family (she says as she sits at her computer writing html for the company web page.)

    I look forward to the wonderful new things you are developing.

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  3. Hey Scott,
    I know exactly what you mean here. messing around with the WP code is a fun pastime that doesn’t involve spilt oil and mess!
    We have just started a blog along the same lines as yours. The we being 3 web developer fathers with 3 kids. Come check us out

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