Weekend summary

Below is a fairly brief summary of our weekend. There maybe more details than you are interested in hearing but I thought, if nothing else, Lori would like to know what all we did and this way I won’t forget to tell her anything.


  • Lori left at about 12:45p. The kids were with me at my office where they watched two Barbie movies by their unanimous choice. (I have got to convince Timo that there are much better movies out there.) I was giving a final so our student secretary was proctoring in the class. Meanwhile I got some grading done, while the kids were distracted.
  • We ventured to Wal-mart where we purchased the groceries we needed for the weekend. The kids were very well behaved, so I got them some candy. I mildly regretted this around supper time when they were weren’t hungry, but instead were a bit hyper. Who knew that would happen?
  • When we got home, we (or I) ate burritos and then played the rest of the evening.
  • As is my usual pattern, I did not sleep well alone so I was up until after 1am watching TV (Late night CSI).


  • Emily was up early but spent some time alone in the living room watching cartoons. I think Timo joined her about 8 or 8:30. I arose from bed around 9:00.
  • After breakfast, we turned off the cartoons and got ready for the day. We needed to clean the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen before the baby sitter who was to arrive at 1:00p. Graduation was Saturday so I had to be away from home for a few hours that afternoon.
  • Emily was VERY helpful. In fact, she cleaned most of the living room herself as well as her bedroom. Mind you, they weren’t that messy, but she was still a very good helper. She earned herself an extra cookie for dessert after dinner. Timo was quite helpful too, mainly by keeping to himself and playing peacefully outside.
  • While I cleaned the kitchen, Emily decided to put away the books that were out. She read each one before she put it away. She must have read 15 books.
  • I attended graduation while the kids watched movies and played with the sitter.
  • After I came home, Timo (after my own heart) selected a movie for us to watch together. He selected one of my favorites, UHF starring Weird Al Yankovic.
  • Then we dined on Chicken and Dumplings, we baked cookies, we traveled to Wal-mart for some more milk, we read, then we went to bed.
  • While at Wal-mart, we purchased a movie that we needed to have in our library, The Chronicles of Narnia. We got to watch the first 30 mins or so before bedtime.
  • Again, I stayed up late this time working on the website for the Student Organization at Wayland for which I am a sponsor. Check it out here, Pi Sigma Sigma’s Website. It is still in development. This was put together just to test how well Google Pages might work for designing the pages. We have a student working on the official page.


  • Emily climbed into bed about 7:30a, which was a very good thing considering that I forgot to set the alarm. She was wide awake so I had her keep an eye on the clock and tell me when it was 7:45a so I would get up.
  • Getting ready for church went rather smoothly, except that Timothy informed me that he was “too tired.”
  • We did have a first this morning. Timothy was NOT prepared to go to Sunday School alone today. He threw himself a little fit when Emily and I dropped him off. I heard him screaming and crying as we left. I don’t think it lasted long but I was tough to make him stay. Nevertheless, I knew it would not have helped for me to stay with him. By the time we picked him up after church, he informed us that he simply missed Mommy but that he had a lot of fun at church. I thought it was ironic that we studied about Samuel in Sunday School and about the time he first heard from God. Samuel, as you will remember, was dedicated to the Lord and left at church for good at the age of three. Timo will be three in a week. Can you imagine what Samuel must have felt?
  • I ran the projector system for the worship service. Emily chose to sit with some friends of mine and Lori’s. She was very well behaved in my absence, I am told.
  • We finished watching Narnia after church. Now we wait for Lori to come home.

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