I am so not a Kindergarten teacher

Last week was the final week of the church’s ESL class, thus ending my job at the church until classes start back up in the fall.

I guess having nothing on my schedule makes me uneasy, so I thought I’d offer my services to Emily’s teachers. Last Friday morning, I told them I was available if they needed any extra help this month. I had turned them down on a few occasions because I had to work. Well, by the end of the conversation with Emily’s teachers, my schedule for this week was very full. One of the teachers was having surgery today and was needing someone to fill in for the teacher’s aide for an hour during naptime Tuesday – Friday of this week. The boys could go with me, so I agreed. And, the other teacher wanted to be at the hospital during the surgery. She needed a sub from 9:15-12:00. Well, Scott didn’t have any finals to give this morning, so he was able to watch the boys. So, I agreed to sub. Emily was so excited!

Subbing this morning went fairly well. It’s not something I would want to do every day, but it was really a little fun. The 14 Kindergartner’s are working with the Teacher’s Aide on a play to do at their graduation ceremony, so I was really only responsible for the 4 Pre-K students for the majority of the time.

I came home with a new appreciation for Emily and just how well behaved she is. We have our wild child moments at home or at the grocery store, but today she showed me that she really understands how important it is to behave at school. I know I am a little biased, but she really was the best behaved child in her class today.

The kids in Emily’s class are really pretty good. They had the typical issues — talking out of turn or just not listening. Probably the biggest thing I had to contend with today was an enormous amount of tattling and whining. They tattled about every little thing. The one that took the cake was a pre-K student who ran over to me and said, “Mrs. Franklin. Todd was going to tell on me!” That one cracked me up!

Next time, I think I will just say I couldn’t find a babysitter.



2 thoughts on “I am so not a Kindergarten teacher

  1. That was funny!!! I laughed out loud on that “tattle.” I’ll have to remember that for a sermon illustration some day. It’s a good lesson on judging others. “You will be measured by the standard with which you measure others.”

  2. Now, you can help me grade papers, file, and straighten things up in my classroom!!! You are so nice, Lori!!! Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

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