A Walking We Will Go

Yesterday, in observance of the National Day of Prayer, the Acteens led a community prayerwalk. Well, really they led 5 community prayerwalks. I was not able to attend our meeting in the latter part of February because of illness, so the other leader told me she would have the girls plan a prayerwalk for the National Day of Prayer. It sounded like a great idea to me. Being the leader of the group, the staff soon started asking me for details about the prayerwalk. I wasn’t really able to give them much information, and I promised to get more soon. So, at our meeting at the end of March, I asked the girls for the details. It was then that I learned that they had planned quite a project! They had planned a prayer walk at 7am and noon, two at 5pm, and a prayer busride at 8pm. They had determined a route and meeting place for each walk and had decided that we would serve some type of refreshments at each walk. We had our plan and about 6 weeks to get it all put together. We split up the responsibilities of publicity, reserving the meeting places, securing refreshments, and creating a prayer guide for the walks.

By the meeting at the end of April, we had the places reserved and had began publicizing the event. At that meeting, we drove around town and hung posters up all over town. The rest of the details were things that had to be done during the last two weeks leading up to the walk. A couple of the Acteens made an announcement in the church service, another of the girls helped make a prayer guide, the other leader had an ad put in the paper and on the radio, and the church hostess helped us get some food. The church staff was encouraging people to attend. Everything was ready.

Wednesday night, we had some thunderstorms roll through. This made me a little anxious about the prayer walks. In a farming community of West Texas, you just don’t pray that it doesn’t rain. I found myself praying that the weather would not hinder attendance.

At 6:00 yesterday morning, I got out of bed and got Emily ready for school. The first walk was at her school, so she was going with me. We got in Scott’s car, coasted in to the gas station closest to our house, and made it to Emily’s school about 6:50. It was a nice, crisp morning. We were joined by 7 other people ready to go. It was a little cool, so we made it a prayer drive instead. The nine of us visited the private school, the YMCA, a park, a fire station, and a public elementary school. We had donuts and were done by 7:45. The extra donuts were donated to the private school.

I left Emily at school and headed home so Scott could go to work. He had to finish grading finals so he could get his grades turned in by 4pm. Zachary and I took Timothy to school and then went to the church to take care of things for the next walk and then to Wal-Mart to get some cupcakes for a party that would take place at Timothy’s school later that day. We finally made it home around 10:30 to relax for a bit.

At 11:45, Zachary and I picked Scott up at work and headed to the church for prayerwalk #2. We served a light lunch and then headed out on the walk. It had warmed up nicely. We were joined by the church staff and secretaries, a couple church members, and a few people from surrounding businesses. The twenty-two of us walked to the police department, the 6th grade school, the courthouse, and then back to the church. It was just under a mile. The Acteens led a prayer at each stop. As promised, we were done just in time for people to get back to work.

Next, Zachary and I headed to Emily’s school to sub during naptime. Poor Zachary was running on adrenaline by this time. He was pretty hyper and that made the kindergarteners a little hard to manage. We survived the hour and then went back to Wal-Mart to pick up the cupcakes we had ordered that morning. We made it to Timothy’s school just in time for his birthday party. We had a great time having cupcakes with his classmates.

By the time we picked Emily up from school, Zachary was out of steam. He was snoozing. I was getting low on prayer guides, so I needed to go to the church to make some more. I left the kids in the van while I ran inside to make the copies. I promised Emily and Timothy I would get them some candy from the children’s minister while I was in there. This all ended up taking much longer than I anticipated because I managed to jam the paper folding machine while I was there. Everything worked out fine, thanks to the help of the church secretaries.

We left the church at 4:00. Time to go home. Scott soon joined us at home and I headed to the high school for the next walk. We had one at the high school and one at another of the elementary schools. These were attended only by the Acteens. There were three at the high school and six at the other school (one of the girls had brought her boyfriend). At the high school, we decided to drive around as we were all pretty tired. So, we went to a fire station, 6 schools, and a church. The other group went to two schools, the airport, and the sheriff’s office. There were lots of cookies to be enjoyed!

I got home and we had a nice dinner with some friends. We got home around 7 and I had some time to get ready for the last walk. Timothy decided to go with me on this one. It was his first bus ride. We had nine in attendance — 5 Acteens, one Acteens’ boyfriend, one set of one of the Acteens’ grandparents, Timothy, and me. We drove to the hospital, three schools, and back to our church.

It was a great day. We prayed at each school in town, several fire stations, the police department, the sheriff’s office, the airport, the courthouse, two parks, two churches, and the hospital. We prayed for our nation, state, and local leaders. We prayed for our staff by name. We prayed for the families of Plainview. We prayed for the media. I am so proud of the Acteens for all their hard work.

Today, I am tired. Emily’s a little sick so she’s home with us. We have a birthday party tomorrow to get ready for. What am I doing? I am sitting here writing about my day. Hmmm… I better get a move on!



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