More words, plus a funny phrase

Here’s a couple more words to add to your dictionary.  You know, the one you have to use to understand my kids.

  • coughus (pronounced, “coffus”): This one came to mind this week as our dogs both seem to have come down with a cold.  They are doing much better now.  Anyways, when Emily was little and she had a bit of cough she would inform us that she had “the coughus.”
  • abloney : So, Timothy, what kind of sandwich would you like for lunch: Ham or Bologna?  “Abloney”.

I’d thought I’d go ahead a let you in on the most commonly used phrase by Timothy these days.  Even though he is turning three on Sunday, he still has a terribly two streak in him.  We, as his parents, are charged with protecting him from himself.  Yet, when we get caught off guard it is hard to remember which name to yell first.  Hence, Timothy’s response: “I not Zach-Tim, I Timothy!”


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