“Tim’s Three!” and “A New Look”

This entry is two posts in one. I have learned that if I post two different times right in a row, most people miss one or the other. So, since I have two things to say, I shall post them simultaneously. How about that?

Post #1: Tim’s Three!

We had Timothy’s Third Birthday Party today. It was a hoot. I’m gonna leave it up to MommyFranklin to post many of the details since the party’s success was due entirely to her efforts. Nevertheless, I am stealing a bit of her thunder by posting a gallery of photos from the party. Maybe, if she get’s ambitious, she might post a quick video of the “candle blowing.”

At any rate, check out some the of the fun we had today: Tim’s 3rd Birthday.

Post #2: A New Look

I have decided to switch themes for this blog so I hope you weren’t disoriented when you arrived here. I have changed it over to “simpler” theme, so hopefully it will load much faster. I imagine the images I post will still be a little slow, but until I get us a better server (hopefully this summer) that is unavoidable. Nevertheless, I am hoping this will improve the loading speed for this page somewhat. I hope you like it.

Let me know if there are any bugs along the way. I have already found one that I haven’t been able to fix yet. When I was viewing a single post page, which is what you see when you are reading the comments, the weather icon does not appear in the sidebar as it should. Bummer.


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