In the Jungle …

Per Scott’s most recent post, I have been instructed that I need to write about Timothy’s birthday party.

From the time he turned 2 until mid-March, Timothy has been declaring that he wanted a Nemo party for his 3rd birthday. Emily had a Nemo party a couple years ago, so planning would be no big deal. Well, when it came time to really start planning the party, Timothy decided he wanted a “Dora the Explorer” party. Like most 2 – 4 year olds, Timothy absolutely adores Dora. Well, Daddy felt that Dora was a bit too girly for Timothy’s birthday party. Luckily Dora’s cousin Diego now has a show on Nick Jr., so we were able to convince Timothy that a Diego Jungle Explorer Party was the way to go.

Unfortunately, Diego is a fairly new addition. While Dora party paraphernalia is readily available, Diego is a little harder to find. Once again, we lucked out. has a party section and has ideas for how to give a Diego party. So, that’s what we did.

We had the party on Saturday, May 6th. It was cold and rainy. So much for an outdoor jungle! We had hoped to have an outdoor treasure hunt and time to play in the bounce house, but that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, everyone had a great time!

We decorated with a jungle theme “Happy Birthday” Banner, Crepe Paper and Balloons in green, blue, red, and yellow, and a big mylar balloon with Dumbo the elephant on it. We brought in the small slide from outside and set up a couple tunnels for the kids to crawl through.

Timothy invited 8 friends from Sunday School and Emily invited a special guest of her own. Two of Timothy’s friends were able to come. Emily’s friend came. One of Timothy’s friends brought her older sister. Grandmama and Granddad came and the kids’ parents stayed for the festivities too! We had 7 kids and 8 adults. Pretty good supervision!

In the invitations, the children were asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal to be in the Safari Petting Zoo. The website suggested this in case the jungle decoration were too scary. Ours weren’t scary, but the kids brought their animals anyway. It was fun. As they arrived, I showed the kids to the petting zoo we had set up in the boys’ room. Zachary’s crib was for the small animals and Timothy’s bed was for the large ones. After putting the animals where they wanted them, the kids decorated binoculars made out of empty toilet paper rolls. They made some fancy binoculars using stickers, markers, and crayons. Once they were outfitted with their binoculars and the animal print hats, they were ready to explore!

After letting the kids explore Timothy and Zachary’s toys for a bit, it was time for a game. We played “Pin the tail on the Lion.” I drew this lion on some butcher paper and printed some tails on the printer. Emily helped color the tails, and they were quite fancy! The three year olds didn’t quite understand about the blindfold, but seemed to have a great time trying to get the tail in the right place. The older kids loved it and asked to play again and again! I don’t think the tail ever ended up where it belonged.After the game, it was time to serve refreshments. We served an alligator cake, lime sherbet, green grapes, bananas, and kiwi-strawberry kool-aid! Yumm!

After eating, Timothy was ready to open his presents. He got a little confused and tried to give the presents back to his friends when we’d tell him who they were from. He got the hang of it though, and is now plenty possessive of all his new stuff. He got a Dora Leap Pad book, a Diego movie, Nemo pajamas, a Diego book, a set of Dora stickers, a Dumptruck with Mega Blocks, a toy golf set, a magnadoodle, a Super Hero Lego set, a Spider Man Hop-A-Long, a toy car, a bucket full of toys, and two new outfits! And we still need to spend his birthday money! What a haul!

After opening presents, we showed part of an episode of Diego. Just before it was time to leave, the kids followed a treasure map to find the hidden treasure chest pinata. In true Dora style, they had three stops before finding the treasure. They went down the slide, through the tunnel, and then to the treasure hiding in Zachary’s crib. They brought the pinata into the living room, everyone grabbed a ribbon, and PULLED! Out came toys and candy for everyone to stuff into their favor sacks.After the bags were filled, it was time for the guests to leave. I think everyone had a great time! I know Timothy really enjoyed his birthday party!

Happy Third Birthday Timothy!


One thought on “In the Jungle …

  1. We really enjoyed watching the kids at Timothy’s birthday party! And eating out afterwards at The Cotton Patch topped off a great day! Thanks for inviting us.

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