I a big boy!

Last night —
Mommy: “Timothy, time to put your pullup and pajamas on and go to bed.”
Timothy: “I a big boy! Don’t want to wear pullup. Want to wear my underwear with my jamas.”
Mommy: “Will you stay dry?”
Timothy: “Yes. I a big boy! I three” (holding up three fingers emphatically)
Mommy: “Ok, but if you need to go potty during the night, please get up and go to the bathroom. Nemo (his blanket) doesn’t want to get wet.” (thinking to myself — he’s a fish, why wouldn’t he want to get wet??)
Timothy: “Ok mommy. I go potty now.”
Mommy: “Ok. Good boy.”

This morning —
Timothy: “I wake up, Mommy”
Mommy: “Good morning. How are you?”
Timothy: “I good. I wake up. I dry. Nemo dry. I big boy.”
Mommy: “Good boy.”



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