An Act of Philanthropy

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we made a dash to Chili’s for lunch. Our church gets out earlier than the others in town, so it was really a matter of getting there before the rest of the church. When we arrived, there was one table available. It was a table for 6, so we snatched it up quickly.

Our Chili’s doesn’t have just the greatest service around. The Mother’s Day rush heightened this. We expected this, so really weren’t that put out when it took a long time before our waitress arrived to take our drink orders. Once she acknowledged us, we really had excellent service.

When our food arrived, Emily’s order had been prepared incorrectly. She had ordered the Pepper Pal’s Pasta with Alfredo sauce. Instead, she received Pepper Pal’s Pasta with Tomato Sauce. She really doesn’t care for tomato sauce, so we sent it back.

Timothy had ordered pizza. It comes with four pieces. It’s really too much for him, so he shares with Zachary. When the pizza arrived, I asked Timothy which piece was for Zachary. He pulled one of the pieces off and handed it over for me to cut up for Zachary.

While I was occupied with Zachary’s pizza, I didn’t notice what Timothy was doing. He soon started tapping my shoulder. He was holding a second piece of pizza in his hands saying, “This for Lemilee. Her needs pizza.” Emily graciously accepted the pizza and promised to share her pasta after it arrived.

What a sweetheart.



2 thoughts on “An Act of Philanthropy

  1. He has good examples to follow in both you and Scott.
    Y’all are doing such a good job. He definitely is a sweetheart!

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