The Wild Child

I am pretty sure that we don’t have a wild child. Sure, we complain, on occasion, when the kids get a little rowdy. Emily’s mouth can run a mile a minute, Zachary likes to beat up on his older siblings, and Timothy is, well, an enigma.

I find it hard to categorize my middle child. He is just about the sweetest three year old I’ve ever met. He’s sensitive, charming and quite a looker. Sounds like I am writing him a personal ad but in all truthfulness, I think Timothy’s going to turn out to be a true romantic. Yet . . . at the same time, he is a handful. He must do things his way. And his way is just so. He even gets frustrated with himself if he can’t get his way just right. We often catch him putting things in order, sorting by category, etc. This makes for a very frustrated child sometimes especially in a houseful of slobs. Of course, he is on occasion a brute. We used to think that this was going to be his primary trait in life but it seems his heart softened about the time Zachary developed his personality and proved that Timo’s nothing but a softee.

You want a brute, check out that chunk that likes to walk around a push everyone over, including his parents. Nevertheless, even Zachary loves to cuddle and can be very easily consoled, especially if there is food on hand.

Emily remains my princess. She is enough like me for me to understand her. At the same time she’s is enough like her mother for me to be completely fascinated by her, as I am by her mother. She wears her emotions on her sleeve so we’re learning to treat her gently because it doesn’t take more than a stern look to completely break her.

In short, I don’t believe we have a wild child. Just three amazingly interesting little people. God is infinitely creative with personalities, isn’t he?


2 thoughts on “The Wild Child

  1. 3 of the 5 best kids in the world! Timo has a lot of his Granddad in him, but he learned to live with a slob, too. They can adapt somewhat. I love to watch their personalities develop. They really are great kids!

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