The Merriment of Commencement

School’s out! Ballet’s out! We had 97 degree weather today and an evening thunderstorm. Summer is here! We’re really hoping it will be a nice relaxing one for the kids. Scott and I will be busy with our jobs, but think we have worked out a good schedule that will allow the kids to have a nice calm summer.

It has been a full week.

Tuesday (5/16) was Timothy’s end of year program at Three Bears. As you can see from the video,

Timothy didn’t really participate much in the program. It was his first time to do something like that, so we thought he did a great job just standing in the right place!

Wednesday was when Emily knocked out her front two teeth. She has been to the dentist, and was told that everything is fine. We don’t need to worry about this causing any long term problems. Now that the swelling has gone down, she looks really cute.

Thursday was spent getting ready for Grandmother and Granddaddy to come to town for all the festivities this weekend. They arrived around 8:00 that evening.

Friday was Emily’s last day of school. It was a half day, so she was done by 11:15. We had to be at First Baptist Church by 6:30 for the Kindergarten graduation. Scott met us at LJS at 5:45. We had a quick supper and then headed to the church. We arrived right a 6:30. Emily joined the rest of her class in the dressing room and we found a place to sit in the sanctuary.

At 7:00, the Kindergarteners did a play based on the show “Hee Haw.” Emily was a “Hee Haw Honey.” She did such a great job! We could tell she was having a great time! She was a little director up there as she kept telling the other Honeys when it was their turn to sing or say their lines.

After the play, they showed a picture slide show while the kids changed into their caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony. There was a processional from the back of the church and then they received the diplomas. It was really neat.
After taking tons of pictures, we finally left. We were heading towards DQ for desserts when we realized that we had left Emily’s diploma and some of her clothes at the church. So, we headed back and got what we needed. Emily said her goodbye’s again (she’s going to the public school next year) and finally we were on our way for dessert. Upon arrival, Emily was so excited to find that one of her best friend’s was there having dessert too. We all had a great time eating ice cream and visiting. It was so much fun!

Saturday was dance recital day. For breakfast, Granddaddy took Timothy and Emily to pick up spudnuts. This has become a tradition for Emily and Granddaddy. Now that Timothy is three, we decided he was old enough to go along too. The three of them ate together at Spudnuts, then picked up some to bring home. I think before they were out of the parking lot, the kids had enhaled the donut holes.

Emily’s dress rehearsal was 12:00-2:00. I put her hair in a bun, put her makeup on, and got her in her ballet costume. Their ballet costumes were just perfect for these kids. Pink with a criss cross in the back and a big pink tutu. They even had a matching doll. Once Emily was ready, Grandmother and I took her to the high school. After lots of waiting, it was their turn to dance. They danced to the song, “Best of Friends.” It was very sweet. So, we wouldn’t have to juggle the video camera, the digital camera, and the boys at the recital, I decided to video tape the rehearsal instead of the real thing. I turned the camera on and the low battery light started flashing almost immediately. Luckily, we made it through both numbers before the battery died.

After dancing, the girls got their pictures taken. By this time, the little girls in the class were getting very sleepy so it wasn’t easy to get a good group picture of them. We made it through pictures, and it was time to change in their tap costume. No rest for the weary!

Their tap costume was a cat. It was very fuzzy and the girls just loved pretending they were kitty cats. What made it even better was getting to have whiskers drawn on their faces! This routine was to the song “Everybody Wants To Be a Cat.” The girls had a great time!

After getting pictures taken in their tap costume, it was time to go home for a little while. We had some lunch and rested for a bit before having to return to the high school. I refreshed Emily’s hair and makeup, and we headed back to the school. Scott made a quick trip to the store to get some flowers for our little dancer. He got her a dozen pink roses! Perfect!

The recital went off without a hitch. The girls had fun and did a great job. At the conclusion of the show, the teacher called all the dancers back to the stage. It turns out that the girls had been auditioning over the last few weeks for some different awards. She gave awards like Best Facial Projection and Best Performance for each class. Then, the teacher announced that there were two awards left. They were for Dancer of the Year for the Dance Studio (the three non-competition classes) and Dancer of the Year for the competition classes. There were based on things like attendance, participation, and overall attitude. And then she announced that Emily was the Studio Dancer of the Year! We were all so surprised and excited for Emily! And, of course, just as proud as we could be!! Way to go Emily!

After that, it was time to get ready to go. Scott gave Emily her flowers, which she just loves. Emily gave presents to her teachers. Then, she changed out of her costume and we headed to Mamma Mia’s to have dinner with friends. After a great time visiting, it was time to get home. It was another wonderful day.

Today, Timothy stayed home from church. He hasn’t been feeling very well since Friday, but has really not had a chance to just rest with everything going on. He had a slight fever and a tummy ache. I am guessing he had a flu bug or something. Grandmother and Granddaddy were still in town, so Zachary, Emily, Scott, and I went on to church while he rested. He was back to his regular self by mid-afternoon. Hopefully he’s over what was ailing him.

Since ballet is over for a few months, we decided to get Emily’s hair cut today. She cut it herself back in November, and we have been wanting to cut it all even. But we also wanted her hair long enough to be put in a bun for the recital. Now that we’ve made it through the recital, her hair now rests just below her ears. She looks great!

Zachary enjoyed being along for the ride for all his brother and sister’s activities. As long as he had animal crackers and a drink available, he was content to sit in Grandmother or Mommy’s lap and just take it all in.



2 thoughts on “The Merriment of Commencement

  1. Whew! and that’s just 2 of them. Just wait til Zachary has something to go, too. Fun, fun, fun! That’s why you have kids when you’re young.

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