More Pictures!

Yesterday, we took the kids to Amarillo to get some pictures taken. The resulting pictures do not reflect the amount of work it took to get the kids to smile.

Zachary had been laughing and cutting up until we walked into the portrait studio. Then the photographer posed Emily, Timothy, and Zachary. When she got back to her camera, Zachary kept walking towards her. It helped tremendously when Emily decided to put her hand on his shoulder. No more wandering off! Then, we did a sitting pose. It was not easy to get all three of them sitting straight and standing, but we did it!

Then, we did one of Zachary by himself. This went fairly easily as Emily was jumping around and making funny noises. Zachary started giggling and the photographer snapped the picture.

Then, Timothy came in. He informed us that he did not want to say cheese or fuzzy pickles or really anything else. But, we got him to smile somehow and got a great picture.

Time for another group shot. This time in more dressy clothes. Zachary was worn out by this time. He was crying and simply refused to smile. Emily and Timothy did a great job, but we never did get a smile from Zachary on that one. Oh well.

Time for another individual of Zachary. We sat him in a chair and offerred him a teddy bear. He threw the teddy bear. Emily started jumping around. That just made him scream. Finally, we gave him a book. That did the trick. We got a very cute picture from that.

And now for Timothy again. We set him in the same chair and told him to smile. He informed us that he too wanted a book. So, we gave him a book. We got a couple good ones from that pose too. I had requested one of him by the number 3, so the photographer set up for that. He stood there like a big boy and gave a great smile.

We didn’t get individuals of Emily because she just got her graduation and dance pictures taken. These pictures were for Timothy’s 3 year and Zachary’s 18 month pictures.

Check them out when you get a chance!



3 thoughts on “More Pictures!

  1. You know, it’s amazing. When you are there and you see the attitude of the kids (like Zachary) you would think there was no way we could have got so many good pictures. I guess that is the beauty of the still frame, capturing only an instant in time.

    By the way, Emily was a GREAT help!

  2. Speaking as one who has to make the chilren smile… I do understand the amount of work that goes into making them smile and appreciate the effort and the result.

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