A Mother’s Duty

Friday night was something of a milestone for Emily. For the first time, she slept over at a friend’s house. One of her best friends will be turning 6 this week, and had requested a slumber party. Her mom wasn’t just real comfortable with the idea of having eight 6-year-old girls spend the night, so she chose three little girls to stay the night. She also thought it would be best if the mamas spent the night too. So a couple weeks ago, she called all the mamas and made arrangements for the girls and their mothers to spend the night after a tea party with a few school friends. To prevent hurt feelings, she asked that we not tell the girls it is a sleepover. This way the girls would not accidentally tell one of the other guests about the sleepover. And, it would be a fun surprise for the girls.

Friday morning I woke up feeling ill. Laying around doing nothing was not an option, so I took some medicine and went on about my day just feeling crummy. I took Emily to the party at 6:00, and then returned home to have dinner with the guys and to pack our overnight things. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say it was a very rough hour. I cold not stand the idea of disappointing Emily, so I continued to pack our things. Scott helped me load it in the car, and I headed back to the party about 7:15.

When I arrived, the birthday girl was opening her presents. Upon seeing me, Emily ran over and asked if we could stay a little longer. I told her we could and to go back and play. She ran off and I found a place to sit. When all but the sleepover girls had left, we filled the girls in on the surprise. They were so excited! They jumped around and squealed. It really was a wonderful moment!

I managed to keep my tummy troubles at bay the rest of the evening by sipping liquids and really not moving around too much. It was great fun chatting with the other moms and watching the girls go mattress surfing and play with the birthday girl’s new toys.

We all crashed around 11:30. The girls were snuggled in their sleeping bags down in the basement where they had just finished watching “The Princess and the Pauper.” The moms were upstairs on fold-out couches and air mattresses. Not long after I had drifted off, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Emily informing me that she was hot and uncomfortable downstairs. So, I invited her to climb into bed with me. I got her situated and we were both asleep soon. I think each of the other moms had a similar thing happen at some point of the evening. I was very grateful to be on a full-sized pull-out bed instead of a twin-sized air mattress.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 7:30 feeling much worse than I had the day before. I was completely miserable. I tried to put on a brave face, but it just wasn’t happening. I was sick. So, another of the moms offered to bring Emily home after the girls had breakfast. I gathered my things and went home. I collapsed into my bed and stayed there for most of the day.

Emily got home about 9:30. She’d had so much fun.

Despite my poor health, it was a fun evening. I am so glad that Emily got to be there. Today, I am on the mend. A little achy, but really feeling much better. Scott took great care of me, hopefully not to his detriment.



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