I’m still here

Yes, I actually did fall of the face of the globe.  Actually, by “globe” I mean the blogosphere.  It seems that with the summer job I am finding less and less time to get on here and post.  Sorry to those of you that like a regular update on the family.  I’ll try to do better.  The kids are now all done with school and so it’s official, Summertime is here.  Not the season but the vacation.  We all know summer the season doesn’t officially start until later in June. 

It has been a rough couple of days around these parts with Lori going through a stomach bug that all three kids just finished off.  I am trying to be as helpful as possible around the house, but, to be honest, I am still keeping a little distance between myself and the bug.  I doubt it works but it’s worth the shot.  I think Lori is getting much better so you’ll never guess what I’m doing.  Ok, you probably would.  I will heading out to the links in just a few minutes.  Gonna play a round of golf in this extremely hot weather.  I’ll be sure to stock up on water before heading out on the course.

By the way, I know I posted it on the other blog but I better mention it here in case some body missed it.  Daddy’s got a new set of wheels.  Check it out.

Next post, probably later this evening will have a few new words and a report on the boy’s night on Friday.


One thought on “I’m still here

  1. Dad’s at the golf course, too. Hope Lori is feeling much better today. We had a long shopping day in Amarillo yesterday. We had a light lunch at the Country Barn and ate at the food court out at the mall for supper. Stopped by and saw Gran for a few minutes. Everyone else (Joe, Ida, Ginger, James, etc.) was gone when we stopped by. We missed seeing all of you. Maybe next time.

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