Movie Marathon

Our last few summers have had a constant theme. We watch TONS of movies. A couple summers ago, we joined Netflix. We probably watched 6-9 movies a week. Last summer, we signed up for Movie Pass from Blockbuster so we would wouldn’t have to wait on the mail to bring us a new movie. Again, we probably watched around 10 movies a week. A couple days ago, we signed up for Movie Pass again. In the last three days, we have watched Robots (Great movie! Would you expect less from Ewan McGregor?), the Producers (not so great), and Chicken Little (another really cute movie). Scott and I plan to watch Crash sometime this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. It won best movie, afterall!

We have also made it to the theater some this week. Last night, I took Emily and Timothy to see “Over the Hedge” so Scott would have a quiet house so he could work on a couple sermons that he will be preaching tomorrow in Wilson. Luckily, Zachary cooperated and Scott was able to get everything ready. The kids and I had a great time at the movie. This was Timothy’s second time in a movie theater, and he really did well. We did have to go to the bathroom a couple times, but he never made too much noise and really seemed to enjoy the movie. Emily had a great time and LOVED the movie. For the rest of the evening, she kept talking like the different animals in the movie.

Today, Scott and I finally got to celebrate our 8th anniversary (11 days ago!). We had planned to go out last Saturday night, but then the stomach bug attacked on Friday. When I got home from the sleepover, Scott informed me that he didn’t want to go on a date with me. I really couldn’t blame him, so I called our babysitter and cancelled. We managed to reschedule for this afternoon.

After a fabulous lunch at Abuelo’s in Lubbock, we headed to Tinseltown to watch X-Men III. We rarely go to the movies, but have seen each of the X-Men movies in the theater. So, it was a must that we see this one in the theater too. It was a great movie!! We really enjoyed it. I’ll not go into much detail about the plot, but the special effects really were quite excellent! To end our date, we played a round of Putt-Putt. Scott would probably rather I not publish this, but we TIED! He beat me by two on the front nine, but I picked it up for the back half. And… I got a hole in one…

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to. We do make sure the kids get some outside time too. The movies are for afternoons or evenings.

What have you been watching?


One thought on “Movie Marathon

  1. Haven’t watched any in a while. Keep us informed as to what’s good and what’s not. We talked about renting one last night, but didn’t go get one.

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