Zachary the . . .

It’s always been one of mine and Lori’s favorite pasttimes to try to predict the future career of our three kids. In fact, on our first webpage for Emily, where we tracked her milestones, there was always an entry for her future occupation. Simply based on their current tendencies and likes and dislikes, we would try to guess what they might become. I imagine anyone who has met Zachary might immediately predict something like an offensive lineman, since he’s a stout fella and always likes to get in your way. But this week, Zachary has discovered a new talent and we are now predicting him to fall into one of the most despised occupations there are. Okay, maybe not despised but you’ll get the picture.

More than once this week Zachary has found a phone, either the cordless land phone or one of our cell phones and begun pushing buttons until he final calls some one. The first time was Sunell, our Children’s Minister at church and the second time was his Grandad (my dad) on his cell phone.

Zachary the . . . TELEMARKETER!


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