Like Sisters

This week we had Vacation Bible School. It was a fun, yet exhausting, week. I was a helper in the preschool crafts and Scott was the director of the fifth grade.

Our Vacation Bible School program is available for children from birth through 6th grade. Age 0 -2 is only for the children of the workers, 3 – 4 is for members of the church, and the rest is for everybody.

Having the option to invite non-church friends this year, Emily wanted to invite some of her friends from school. We only have room for two more in the van, so I told her she could invite two kids. On Tuesday morning, I picked up her friends and we headed to the church. On the way there, Emily was enthusiastically telling her friends what they would get to do at VBS that day. She told them they would get to meet one of her good friends. Speaking of her friend, she said, “we’re like sisters. We get together like every day.”

How wonderful that she has such a close friend. This got me thinking of the friends I have had through the years. As grown-ups, we just don’t talk about friends like that much. Because we moved several times during my childhood, I have lost touch with a lot people. There have been a few friends that have remained constant, but others whose names I can’t even recall.

I have a friend that I have known for 18 years. It’s interesting that we’ve actually only lived in the same town for 6 of those 18 years. We may go months without seeing or talking each other, but when we reconnect it is like we’ve never been apart. To take a phrase from Emily, we’re like sisters!

About 7 years ago, Scott and I were living in Lubbock. We were members of a church where the average age was about 40 years older than us. We really liked the church and were an active part of the leadership, but the truth was we were lonely. For the first time in our lives, we were no longer in an environment where we had a built-in group of peers. We would have liked to have a group to tap into at church. We had grown used to getting together and playing games with another couple from college, but they lived several hours away. This particular couple is another set of friends that has remained constant. We may go years without seeing each other, but when we’re back in contact we pick back up without skipping a beat. They live a little closer now, so hopefully we’ll see each other again soon.

Now that we are a little older and have a growing family, we’re not overly concerned with socializing. We’re now focused more on the social development of the kids. We have our family, and that is really all we need. We are the directors of the young couples’ class at church, and are glad to have that group to socialize with once in a while. Most of the couples in the class are a bit younger than us, so it is not really a group we will do much with outside of Sunday School events. They are a nice enough group, but most are still without kids. It is a very close-knit group that gets together on a fairly regular basis. Scott and I have commented that it would have been nice to have a group like that when we first got married.

There is one couple in the class that we socialize with on a fairly regular basis. So often, in fact, that Zachary has taken to calling the wife “mama” and will stuggle to get to her anytime she is in the room. Luckily for him, she was his VBS teacher. This made dropping him off each morning very easy, but he would cry when it was time to be picked up to go home. He couldn’t have picked a nicer person to be his buddy. She and I have become great pals. Together, we have plotted a revenge against every person that has wronged either of us. And, Scott and the husband even get along. They play golf together on occasion. Scott says he is one of the few people that he has talked to about pottytraining while walking down the fairway. And, I can’t leave out the most important person in their family, they have a 6 year old daughter. This is the one that Emily was talking about to her friends. And Emily’s right, they are like sisters. They fight like sisters, they giggle like sisters, and have just tons of fun. Emily is not the only one that considers her to be “like a sister.” Every day, Timothy asks if she’s coming over or if we’re going to her house. The daughter takes the role of being Zachary’s pseudo-sister quite seriously. Any time we go to their house, she watches him the first half hour or so to be sure he is safe.

I know this is supposed to be a family blog, but I just wanted to talk about friends for a bit. Family is great and we have been richly blessed with a great family (immediate and extended). But, I must say, friends are so much fun too!



One thought on “Like Sisters

  1. That was so sweet! I got all teary eyed! Family AND true friends are all God’s wonderful gifts to us. I know I am so blessed that all of you are our friends!

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