Passed another phase

Emily and Timothy are gone to Granbury this week. We’ve talked to them every day, and they are having a wonderful visit with Grandmother and Granddaddy.

The last time Emily and Timothy were gone was Spring Break, and we took the opportunity to do several projects around the house. We’ve both been working this week, so we have not been doing any painting or remodeling. Scott has been getting the pool ready for the summer, which is very exciting! My time has been spent teaching an Access course at the community classroom, tutoring two middle school students, and going to doctor’s appointments (nothing serious, just some checkups). Zachary has enjoyed being the only child and having free run of the house.

We’ve not done anything out of the ordinary. Zachary and I went to some friends’ house on Monday evening. When we’ve been in town, we’ve had all our meals at home. We’ve watched three movies so far, and will probably watch another tonight. I did just get word from Scott that we will be going to Amarillo tomorrow for a date! WOOHOO! It’s been a nice week. A little on the quiet side, and we are definitely ready for Emily and Timothy to return soon.

We did have one remodeling project, and we finished it on Tuesday. We have converted Zachary’s crib to a toddler bed. Zachary has been demonstrating how well he can use a stool to get on chairs or couches or tables, so we decided it was time. Since he shares a room with Timothy, we thought this would be the perfect week to get him used to a bed that he can get in and out of. We couldn’t find the instructions, so we had to rely on memory. Having done this twice before, we got it right the first time. After getting it all put together, we put Timothy’s spider-man stool by the bed and Zachary climbed into his bed.
He was a little afraid to get too close to the edge (not a bad thing…).
After exploring a bit, he snuggled into his pillow and blanket and went to sleep.
And he stayed there all night! No crashes in the middle of the night. And, in the morning, he was still right where we put him.

At naptime yesterday, we laid him down and gave him his blanket. We did not hear a peep from until about three hours later when we heard a soft knock at his bedroom door. He was done napping and was ready to be out of his room.

Today was something different. I was getting ready for tutoring, and Zachary was playing with books. He had wandered off and I noticed that things were very quiet. I thought I’d better go check things out, and found him asleep in his bed. I guess he had gotten sleepy and decided to take a nap! Neither of our kids have ever done that!:)


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