Thrill Seeker

Tonight, Lori and I took advantage of the oldest two of our rascals being away for the week. We dropped the littlest guy off at with his great grandparents, who graciously agreed to watch him while Lori and I went to Wonderland Park in Amarillo, TX. We had a blast riding everything from the Rattlesnake River Raft ride to the Pirate (Swinging boat), with many things in between.

However, the most significant ride was the Texas Tornado. For the first time in my life, I rode a “loop-de-loop” roller coaster that took me upside down twice and underground once. For a fella whose spent most of his life in deathly fear of roller coaster, that is quite an achievement.

Texas Tornado
Photo by Jan Olejnik

We were smart enough to wait until after that ride to delve into the funnel cakes. Although, we weren’t smart when we rode the Scrambler right after the snack.

Overall, Lori and I had a GREAT time! She’s a hot date!


5 thoughts on “Thrill Seeker

  1. I can’t believe you rode that Texas Tornado! Glad you had a great time. Can’t wait to see y’all next weekend.

  2. I love going to an amusement park with my wife. However, with my little man getting older (20 month’s and counting), it won’t be too long until they turn into family excursions. From remembering the pained look my father always got when someone mentioned Six Flags, I’m not sure that’s such a good thing :).

  3. Aw! That is sooooo sweet! Keep up the dating, you two! Keep saying those sweet things about your wonderful wife! I know she appreciates it and it makes the rest of us realize romance is still alive for those married with children.

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