Swimming Lessons

Emily has been taking swimming lessons this week. This is her third year to take lessons, and she has been improving daily. The first day, she was very hesitant to get in the water. This came as a surprise to me, as she has always really enjoyed water. There was an incident where one of her floaties came off at a party earlier this year, and I imagine that is why she is now a little leary of swimming. As the week has progressed, she has gotten more confident. She jumped off the diving board several times yesterday. Today, she even swam in the shallow end without her floaties!

Her swimming teacher told her to practice putting her face in the water in the bathtub. Emily generally takes showers, so getting to take a bath is a big deal to her. Tonight, I let her take a bath. After about 15 minutes, it occurred to me that the water was still running so I thought I’d better go check things out.

It seems Emily had taken it upon herself to put in an indoor swimming pool. There was about a half inch of water all over the bathroom floor and the carpet was wet about a quarter of the way across the hall outside the bathroom door.

It took about 8 towels, but the bathroom is now clean again. In fact, the floor is cleaner than it was before. The carpet is still a little damp, but I am confident it will be dry by morning.

Anybody want to come swimming?


3 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons

  1. Send Emily up this way. She’d love “swimming” in our great big bathtub (which is the highlight of any visit for Abigail).

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