Billows of white smoke

We really should have known better. We really should not have allowed the silence to go on as long as it did.

After a day filled with swimming lessons, work, and church, all Scott and I wanted to do was have a few moments to relax. You know, go through the mail, read some email, maybe watch a little tv.

Emily was taking a shower (NOT a bath!) and the boys were playing quietly in their bedroom.


After Emily got out of the shower, she asked if the boys were asleep. I told her they were still awake, and that she could go play with them in their room.

She opens their door and out comes this sweet smelling little person with white hair, white eyebrows, and white skin. He was reminiscent of Casper, the friendly ghost.

Uh oh… This ain’t good.

Rest time was over. Scott and I had to go check this out.

The room was covered in a layer of — can you guess? — baby powder! Timothy had had a blast emptying a fairly new bottle of baby powder not only all over his brother but also over all their toys.

After shaking out the toys, running the vacuum, and giving the boys a bath, everything has returned to its regular color.

As an added benefit, the room smells great.



11 thoughts on “Billows of white smoke

  1. I’ve got a photo that I’ll post over at Zone Defense later tonight. I’d have been mad if I didn’t think I would have enjoyed doing the same thing. It must have been fun.

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  3. Just one in the many shenanigans Timo & Zach will no doubt get into through the years. May they all be this harmless.

  4. How fun! Now I want to go buy some powder and sprinkle Karissa, Jonathan, and Bacall with it. I don’t think it would work on Bogey. Good idea boys!

  5. The crazy roommate I had during freshman year tried to convince me and our suitemates that the rooms were on fire as a prank. She was spraying baby powder through the vents to make the smoke. Oooooh, we might have fallen for it if it hadn’t smelled so good.

  6. CC — The smell is slowly wearing off. Too bad.

    Grandmama — At least this shenanigan had a pleasant side effect!

    Valbecca — You’re so right! We need to find a child psychologist soon!

    LaceWells — What do you mean? Val and I go way back! Isn’t she a hoot?

    Carrie — This roommate sounds like a lot fun!

  7. Sounds like something Sscott and Ginger would have done!

    Its gonna be FUN raisin’ those two! This is probably a mild taste of the shenninegans those boys will pull.

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