Swimming season is open!!

For the first time in two years, our swimming pool in the back yard is open. I finally got it sparkling clean. Last summer I was never successful, but this summer it only took a couple of weeks and ouila! It is open for swimming.

To get it clean, I used the kit from Leslie’s Pool and followed the directions to the letter. I also needed to buy some extra shock, algaecide, and fresh n’ clear. I vacuumed regularly, almost daily. Finally, it is clean. I think I might even swim in it myself, today. We’ll just have to see.

It was first opened on the 2nd of this month when the kids and Lori tried it out. We also had a bit of a party on the 4th with Lori’s “pseudo-cousin”, as she likes to call herself, and her family. All in all, I think it’s a hit again.



Here’s a video of the kiddos in the water:

Emily has also had the opportunity to get swimming lessons again this summer. Emily made some great progress, even to the point of jumping off the diving board into the deep end WITHOUT her floaties (she had some help from the teacher, then from Mommy). Timo also made some great progress this summer, helped out quite a bit by swimming in our own pool. Last summer he was very very wary of the water and now he’s into it big time. I think Lori and her friend decided that Timothy takes to new things the same way as he took to talking. For the first couple years, he just didn’t do it and then BAM! He talks all the time. Swimming appears to be the same way.

Here are a couple of videos of Emily diving (with her floaties):
Video 1
Video 2


2 thoughts on “Swimming season is open!!

  1. Wow! I made it on someone else’s blog besides Lori’s! Timothy is going to be a better swimmer than anyone. Maybe he’ll be in the Olympics! We’ll just have to wait and see! I need to rename myself the “Psuedo Cousin…”

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