Texas Rangers and Pecan Plantation

Last weekend (June 30 – July 1), I had the wonderful opportunity to take a road trip with my father. I had purchased a few tickets to a Texas Rangers baseball game in Arlington and, as a gift for Father’s Day, took my dad and Lori’s dad to the game. We watched them play the Astro’s. One of the highlights happened prior to the game, though. Just after the National Anthem, four F-18 Hornets, buzzed the stadium in formation. I’ve never seen them fly this low and I sure wish I had taken a picture, but the sound was the most amazing part. You felt it all the way to your bones. It was deafening. I couldn’t help but say to my dad, “I’m sure glad their on our side.” As icing on the cake, Rookie Ian Kinsler hit a homerun followed by the usual fireworks at Ameriquest Stadium and the Rangers ended up winning, 3 to 1. woohoo.



For a couple videos of the “Elite Frogs” parachute team entering the stadium check these out:
Video 1
Video 2

Then the following day, my dad and I got to play a round of golf at the private club of which Lori’s dad is a member. The course is in Pecan Plantation in Granbury, TX. Lori’s dad has yet to pick up the great game of golf, but as part of his “fees” for living in the plantation, he is a member. I’ve tried to make it worth his while by playing a few times but this past weekend was actually the first time that I got to finish the full 18. The two times I had played there before, it rained me out. In fact, both times it rained me out on the same hole, #13. It is interesting to note that when my dad and I started playing there, we got to the 3rd or 4th hole and it started thundering and the clouds were building. Fortunately, the storm passed us by and it never even sprinkled. Whew, I say, whew! I was beginning to think I was cursed.

In the end, I played right at bogey golf. That is a little worse than my handicap but for a course that I have only played a couple of times, I considered that not too bad. In fact, I learned a complete new skill while playing. I had never read the “grain” of a green before and the greens at Pecan were more grain than slope. The bermuda greens grew in specific directions causing the ball to break in the most peculiar ways. Additionally, the greens were MUCH slower than anything I’ve ever been used too. But is good to get to play. I’ve only played like 2 or 3 times this summer, compared to every day last summer. I sure miss it, but that is the nature of summer research. I chose my priorities and now I have to accept them.


2 thoughts on “Texas Rangers and Pecan Plantation

  1. Some guys in my SS class were on the course at the same time as you and your dad and they got rained on. You were closer to being cursed than you thought.

    The game was priceless.

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