Do a little dance

My kids don’t exercise enough. You would never expect that from my kids, no, certainly not. Can you detect sarcasm through a blog? Over the last couple of days I have spent a little bit more time that usual being the sole parent in charge. Mommy has been helping get ready for and providing technological assistance for a girl’s conference at our church. The result was that I was left in charge for fairly long stretches at a time. I had a great time playing all sorts of different games yesterday. This included games like Hide and go seek, Ride the Daddy until he collapses in exhaustion or pain, run around the house until you run into each other and collapse in exhaustion or pain, how many dirty diapers can Daddy change without losing his dinner, spin spin spin until you collapse in exhaustion or pain. I think I see a consistent theme.

In the end, I did not have much energy left today to keep them going. As a result, they spent a little too much time today watching cartoons, movies and playing on the computer. Our solution for this sendentary day was to take up a little dance time before Mommy got home. Each member of the family became the choreographer of their own dance while we listened to Radio Disney on one of the TV’s music channels. (Lori was excluded for now but she’ll get her chance.) Each of the children have created their mini-dances in the past (Do the timo, Do the zach-o, Do the Emily, all to the tune of Do the Hustle). However this was a little more involved than. Emily decided that her primary “move” was to spin in circles on one foot. Timothy, the flexible little three year old, managed a feat of throwing his feet out to the side, back and forth, in rapid succession, to a point that I could barely mimic his skills. Zachary reverted to the good ole “Happy Feet”. Mine was a simple twist because after all three of theirs, I could barely stand, especially since we had to cycle through them, one after another as someone called out which dance to do next. If it wasn’t for my recent cravings for toast and honey, I imagine I would have lost five pounds over the last couple of days just keeping up with the little guys.

Whew! I’m ready for bed.


2 thoughts on “Do a little dance

  1. Thanks for all your help today! It was a hoot!

    Sounds like you and the boys had quite a time while Emily and I were building her Barbie house. As for your new tactic for putting the boys to bed, I think it’s a great idea. They’ll learn that we mean business when it’s time for bed. Hopefully, with time, it will take no time at all for them wind-down and go to sleep. Then, you won’t have to sacrifice any tv / computer time.


  2. They’re only little once. Some day they won’t want you to stay in there, so take advantage while you can. I use to always lay in your room til you went to sleep. Can’t remember when I stopped but I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

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