The Games We Play

Sometime over the last year, we taught Emily how to play Twenty Questions. We often play Twenty Questions, I Spy, Alphabet Bingo, or various other games that Emily creates as we travel to and from Amarillo for Scott’s class. She makes a really good activities director for our trips.

Over the last couple weeks, Timothy has started getting into the games with us. He’s pretty good at I Spy. He’s not real sure of Twenty Questions as of yet.

Every round of Twenty Questions starts the same. The person who is “it” says “I’ve got one, I’ve got one!” Then, the rest of us start asking questions.

The first question is usually — “are you a girl?”
Followed by “are you a person?” “are you a grown up?” “are you in the van?” “do you go to our church?” “do you work at Wayland?” and getting more and more specific until we figure out who or what the answer is.

It disturbs Timothy greatly if the answer to the question is not true about the person who is it. For example, let’s say the person Emily is thinking of is Daddy. We ask “are you a girl” and she says “no.” Timothy then informs her that she is a girl. Quite the argument follows. This just get worse as Emily replies “yes” when asked if she is a grown-up.

When Timothy is “it,” here’s how it usually goes…
“Are you a girl?” “No”
“Are you a grown up?” “No”
“Are you in the van?” “Yes”
“Are you a baby?” “No”
“Are you Timothy?” “Yes!”

He’s right. He is Timothy…


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