Can you see the resemblance?

This morning we discovered we were out of oil. This meant we couldn’t have the waffles we were planning on fixing for breakfast. Since it’s Saturday, we wanted to have something besides the “regular” fixings for breakfast. After taking a quick poll with the children, we decided we would go to McDonald’s for breakfast. This was Emily’s choice. Timothy wanted donuts. So, in order to ease Timothy’s hurt feelings, we promised we would take some time to play while we were at McDonald’s.

Like most McDonald’s that I’ve been to, our playland has a large tube slide. It also has a big helicopter toy to climb into. There is a little area where kids (and parents!) can play arcade games. Behind those toys is a bench with a statue of Ronald McDonald sitting on it, like this one.
Ronald Sitting on a Bench
After playing on the slide for a while, the children decided to play on the helicopter toy. They pretended they were flying to various places. I didn’t catch all the locations, but know they included Cinderella’s castle, church, school, and Grandmother’s house.

At one point, I noticed that Emily and Zachary were both climbing on the climbing toy and that Timothy wasn’t anywhere around. I quickly found him playing on the bench with the Ronald McDonald statue. I snuck up behind him and grabbed him off the bench. He immediately began shrieking — “I’m playing with Grandmother!”Later on, he even told a little girl not to climb on his Grandmother.
I don’t see the resemblance…



3 thoughts on “Can you see the resemblance?

  1. Oh, my!!!!! What little kids think!!!!! On one hand that is just too funny, but, Claire, you don’t look anything like Ronald McDonald!!!!

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