Emily’s party and a night-life lesson

I had a good day with my family. There were a few lows along the way but for the most part, we all had a pretty good day. Emily had her 6th birthday party. Yeah, that’s right, on August 12 we had a party for a girl whose birthday is August 30. The logic, as I understand it, is that Emily is starting school on Tuesday of next week and will make a whole new set of friends before her birthday. She’ll still have all her old friends and if we waited until her actual birthday, we might just have to invite 30 kids to her part.

My primary role in this year’s party was financier, as I don’t quite understand all the ‘princess-y’ things as well as I should. The result is that I don’t know many of the details that went into the planning. I do know that party seemed to go off without a hitch. We had 16 kids (including our own) at the party, which was held at Ready Set Go, a local gymnastic/ballet instuction center. They got to play on all of the climbing stuff, trampolines and zip lines. I got my exercise in by loading kids one by one into a large circular padded thing which I would roll across the gym and the rider would tumble end over end on the inside. Emily made quite a haul. I’m sure it won’t be long before the photo album will be made available for today’s party.

Timothy and Zachary also had a wonderful time at the party. Timothy’s a dare devil who is scared of very little. When Emily was this size, she was wary of anything like the gym we were at today. She wouldn’t even try things with us there holding her hand. Timothy, on the other hand, is willing to try just about anything. Although, I saw several boys at Emily’s party that were probably much more adventurous than Timothy at this age. They’re the kind of kids that you had to keep an eye on or they’ll try to do more than they’re able and hurt themselves. Timothy seems to have a pretty good feel for what he can do and can’t. He won’t jump from the wall without holidng Mommy’s hand but he’ll try the zip line all on his own. He even likes a good tumble through Daddy’s wheel of death. (No, no one else go hurt even though Emily tumbled out of it every time she tried).

After getting home from dinner, I was in charge of the boys while Lori got to help Emily put together one of the more intricate toys that she received today. It was her Barbie house from me and Lori. At any rate, I spent the evening reading with the boys and running around without our shirt on. That was Zachary’s idea and we followed along. After a bath, we got on our “jama-jama-jamas” and headed to bed. I tried something new. I’ve been wondering which would take more effort. We usually put the boys to bed after books, prayers and kisses. Then we leave the room only to have to return at least a half dozen times to return them to bed. Timothy also arises a good 2 or 3 times to take a trip to the potty. I tried singing to them a few lullabies and sitting with them until they fell asleep. Of course, the boys both went without a nap today so it went easier than might be the norm. Yet, in the end, it was a lot easier on them and me to sit in there with them. Am I teaching them a bad lesson by monitoring them to sleep, or is it the right thing to do to stay with them to keep them under control until they wind down and fall asleep? Sure, I have to sacrifice part of my TV or computer time before bed but who cares. I just don’t know if I want them to learn to depend on my presence to behave.


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