The Boys Take the Cake

The phrase “take the cake” is often used to describe someone or something that is the best in the world in a specific category.

Today the phrase took on a whole new meaning around here.

We are having Emily’s 6th birthday party at 4:00 this afternoon. Her birthday is not for a few weeks, but we decided to celebrate early since school is starting next week and it’s always difficult to find a suitable party day around Labor Day. We have reserved a local gym called Ready-Set-Go, bought Barbie Fairytopia themed party decorations, filled the goodie bags and stuffed the piñata. All that is left to do is decorate the cake, go get the balloons filled with helium, and go to the gym at 3:45 to decorate. We are expecting 12 children to be there.

Last night, we baked the cakes. One 9″ round and one 8″ round strawberry cake. And they turned out perfect. We plan to stack them, ice them with pink icing, sprinkle colored flower sprinkles on it, write Happy Birthday on it with white icing, and top it with a Fairytopia Cake Topper that we found online. We set the cakes on the kitchen table to cool overnight so they’d be ready for the icing this morning.

While Scott and I were catching up on some much needed sleep, Timothy came into our bedroom to inform us that he was getting thirsty. This is his way of asking for things. He tells us that he is getting … thirsty, hungry, tired, hot… Scott got him to get him something to drink. A few moments later, we heard what sounded like Zachary leaving the bedroom too.

Ordinarily, we do not mind if the kids get up before us on a Saturday morning. Usually, Emily is the first one up so we know there is at least a little supervision going on. Well, Emily was sleeping in this morning too.

Remember — sitting on the kitchen table were these two beautiful pink cakes —

Scott said once he realized that Zachary was up too, it occurred to him that the cakes were in danger. We rush into the living room, and find that the boys had decided to help themselves. They had each taken several handfuls out of each cake.

So, I quickly ran to Wal-Mart and bought another cake mix. These cakes are now cooling on the kitchen counter. These didn’t turn out quite as pretty as the ones baked last night, as one stuck to the pan a little and I managed to turn one upside down on the oven rack when I was getting it out of the oven, but that’s nothing a little creative icing won’t fix.

Two cakes + Two Boys – Supervision = TROUBLE!

I am really hoping this is the only party mishap we have today. We’ll let you know!



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