Rest in peace, fuel pump

So, Lori walks out to the car yesterday morning to take Emily to her first day of school.  She plans on taking my car but when she tries to start it, it turns over and over and over, but never starts.  This is a new problem for me, one I’ve not dealt with before.  Of the course throughout my adulthood, there have been several times that I’ve walk out to start the car and there is only a click: no power, dead battery.  This problem is easily solved. Although a couple of times it did require a new alternator, something I became an expert at changing out.  Not yesterday, though.

I tried everything I could think of: adding gas, checking spark plugs, checking all the fuses, moving the car off my slanted driveway to a more level position.  All to no avail.  Eventually, I had to have a local Auto Shopto come pick it up and take care of it for me.  It turns out that it was the fuel pump.  It had to be replaced along with the fuel filter.  Altogether, it set me back a pretty penny, $511.36, to be exact.

And yes, this is the car we purchased just a few months ago.  I just hope this is not the start of a trend but a one time incident.


4 thoughts on “Rest in peace, fuel pump

  1. I don’t think you would have saved anything by going to Lubbock. I tried that a few years ago and they all cost the same.

    I love fitting PVC pipe together. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.

  2. I think they last 6 years at most unless you really pay big bucks.

    Lubbock? I’m in Lubbock 🙂 You might have saved a few dollars driving here, but the gas prices would have seriously eaten into your savings.

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