A Party in Fairytopia

We had Emily’s 6th Birthday party on Saturday. As I mentioned in my post, The Boys Take the Cake, she had a Barbie Fairytopia themed party at a local gymnastics school called Ready-Set-Go.

After our morning mishap with the cake, the rest of the day went great. We got the cake decorated to look like this:

We arrived at Ready-Set-Go about 15 minutes before the party was scheduled to begin. We got all the party stuff brought in and hung balloons around the party room. Soon, the party guests began arriving.

The kids spent about an hour playing. They had a blast on the trampolines, the zip line, the climbing wall, and on Scott’s “wheel of death.”

Then, it was time for cake, ice cream, and pink lemonade. It was very warm there, so the lemonade was in high demand!

After eating, it was time for Emily to open her presents. She got tons of wonderfully girly stuff — a purse, bath stuff, a lamp, dress up clothes, polly pockets, a sky dancer, Kelly Barbie dolls, a diary, a Barbie house, a Barbie puzzle, a bracelet with her name on it, … She has had so much fun going through all her new stuff and finding places to keep it safe from the boys!



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