How Was Your Day?

Emily started First Grade on Tuesday. She is attending LaMesa Elementary School. It is part of Plainview ISD. Her teacher’s name is Mrs. True.

With the exception of just a few days at the end of her Kindergarten year at Plainview Christian Academy, this is the first time she has been away from home all day. On the way home each day, I ask her about her day. Through this, I have learned a lot about the difference in Kindergarten and First Grade.

1) In First Grade, there is a lot more work time than playtime.
2) First Grade is longer than Kindergarten.
3) In First Grade, you don’t have to go outside to get to the gym. — I explained this is actually a difference between PCA and La Mesa. She seemed okay with that.
4) In First Grade, PE is with a Coach and you do sit-ups and pushups. In Kindergarten, PE is playtime in the gym with the Teacher’s Aide.

I am sure we’ll learn much more through the coming days. In the course of the evening, we learn more about her day. Just tonight, I learned about a test she took a couple days ago. She was very excited to tell us how quickly she could read the cards that her teacher had held up.

Scott started back to work on Wednesday, so the boys and I have been on our own during the day since then. Scott takes Emily to school in the morning, so the boys and I are able to take our time starting our day. This week, we’ve spent a lot of time in their room playing with blocks. We build towers with the wooden blocks and then knock them down again. When we get tired of the wooden blocks, we move on to the peek-a-blocks. Then, we move on to the duplo legos. This gets tricky, because Timothy decides what colors he wants Zachary and me to have. Then, he asks what color we want. If we point at a color besides the one he has chosen for us, there is a problem. I find it very sweet that he always picks a color to be Emily’s blocks too. No one is allowed to play with Emily’s blocks. Of course, all that is forgotten by the time she gets home.

After a morning of playing, the three of us have lunch together. Zachary takes his afternoon nap soon after lunch and Timothy has his rest time in our bedroom. We have found that it is best for him to not nap. If he naps, it takes hours for him to settle down at bedtime. Unfortunately, he gets pretty grumpy around dinner time if he doesn’t nap. Hopefully, we’ll figure out a happy medium soon. It is around this time that Timothy starts asking where Emily is. He wants his friend to have rest time with him.

I use the afternoon quiet time as my time to get ready for all my coming activities. This week that has meant getting ready for the education course I will be teaching online starting on Monday. Next week, it will mean getting ready for Acteens and Children’s Choir to begin. The music minister asked me to direct the 1st and 2nd Grade choir this year, and I agreed to do so. I had volunteered to help, hoping to get the opportunity to play the piano. But, the music minister was having a hard time getting this position filled. I have two very experienced helpers and a very thorough teachers’ guide, so hopefully it won’t take much for me to learn the ins and outs of leading Children’s Choir. As a bonus, I will get to be with Emily and her friends for an hour every Wednesday evening.

After rest time, it’s time to go get Emily. The boys and I load into the van and head over to her school. We wait in the line of cars for about 15 minutes to get Emily, who seems to have a lot of pent up energy, and head home. With the addition of Emily, the noise level is much higher than it had been during the day. Luckily, more often than not, the house is filled with happy sounds as the kids are reunited. About an hour after we get home, Scott gets home and is usually greeted by at least two of the children excitedly shouting “Daddy!”

Timothy’s Twice-A-Week Mother’s Day Out program starts after Labor Day. Zachary and I aren’t going to know what to do without having Timothy or Emily around.



One thought on “How Was Your Day?

  1. I finally read the blog so you can stop asking. I loved it! It hits all the high points. Good blog. By the way, I like our new photo studio. It seems to have moved from the front entry way. If I ever change that light bulb we can start taking photos there again.

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