Love a Parade!

To kick off the Accelerated Reading Program, Emily’s school had a “Rah Rah Read” Parade this morning. All the kids and teachers at her school walked the block around her school. The drumline from the high school band was there. The teachers dressed up as Dr. Seuss, the Cat in the Hat, Three Blind Mice, Mother Goose, and other various characters. It was a lot of fun!

Emily and her new friend were the banner bearers for her class. The first graders were chanting Three Blind Mice as they walked. Emily was so busy during her job that she didn’t even see us at first.
LaMesa Parade
On the way home, Zachary fell asleep. The poor guy is sick. He went to the doctor yesterday, and we learned that he has infections in both ears and a case of tonsilitis. He had his second dose of amoxicillin this morning, and it seems to wear him out. Hopefully, he’ll be over all this sickness soon.

The boys were very curious about the parade. They watched very closely as the children walked by. Timothy wants to know when he will get to be in a parade. This prompted a discussion about when he will be as big as Emily. For now, he seems to be content to play the parade game on his Preschool Reader Rabbit CD.

I bet those kids’ legs are tired. That was a long walk.



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