Rest in peace, (cold) water heater

This is becoming a theme that I do not like. Today, we had to put to rest the water heater that has been in this house since we moved in 6 years ago. According to some scribbling on the outside of the old tank, it was installed on August 25, 1998. So, one day after its eighth birthday, it had to be replaced. We noticed a rather large spot of damp carpet today near the wall adjacent to the garage, where our water heater is housed. After some inspection, we determined that it had started leaking due to corrosion.

I’m beginning to think that Lori and I did the right thing this summer, taking on some extra work to raise some extra money. Although we haven’t paid off all the bills we had hoped, we have managed to have some spare “fundage” to handle the out-of-ordinary expenses of the last few days. The final price tag for the new water heater was right around 300 bucks. We did shop around Plainview, but I imagine if we’d included Lowe’s or Home Depot in Lubbock, we might have been able to beat that price. Using McCoy’s instead of 84 Lumber saved us about $50.

By the way, the removal of the old and the installation of the new was surprisingly easy. I was able to do it all by myself with no help needed at all. Plus, the previous owner had installed flex copper tubing and the new water heater was the same model as the old, so everything fit exactly as it was supposed to. I did have to remake the pvc pipe extending out of the release valve. It was my first time to fit pvc pipe together in elbows and joints using appropriate cementing compound.

When it is all said and done, I was pretty impressed that the whole ordeal from finding the wet carpet to complete installation of a new water heater was around 4 hours. We even pulled out the carpet steamer which sucked up most of the moisture from the carpet. With the exception of a rather larger mess from moving furniture around, our house is as it was.

Oh, and the title of the post is in response to those many folks out there that like to refer to water heater’s and “hot water heaters.” After all, it’s not hot water that we are heating, is it?

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