He said it

During the first two years of his life, we often described Timothy as the strong silent type. He just didn’t say much. We weren’t worried, as he was quite capable of getting his point across. Besides, he had Emily to talk for him. Who needs to talk when you have a big sister who can say everything you want to say and more?

Well, Emily started school last year. This has given Timothy plenty of opportunity to use his words. There are a couple things he has said the last week that have really made me smile.

As you may recall, last week was Scott’s birthday. At lunch that day, Timothy started talking about how big he is getting. One of his favorites things to do these days is tell people that he is going to be four soon. Nevermind that his birthday isn’t for 9 months….

On this particular day, after Timothy had informed me that he will be four soon, he asked me how many fingers I will be on my birthday. So, I held up 3 fingers on one hand and made a 0 with my other hand. Timothy then exclaimed, “you will be 3! I am 3, but I am turning 4. I will be taller than you.”

The other instance occurred today when we were in the carpool lane waiting to pick Emily up from school. Her school is right next door to the football field of a private school. It is my goal to keep Timothy awake as we wait for Emily, so I directed Timothy’s attention to the football players who were practicing. They were wearing their football helmets and running around the field. He looked out the window thoughfully for a moment, and then said “they are not playing football mama, they are playing hat run.” I guess that’s what you call football without the ball.



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