And one to grow on…

Poor Scott. Emily has a birthday just 9 days after his, so his birthday celebration pales in comparison to hers. And, since we had her party before school started, we have been celebrating her birthday for two weeks. And his birthday ended up being a bit of footnote in the middle of all the fun. We still need to go out for his special birthday dinner.

Today is Emily’s 6th birthday. Zachary’s 2nd birthday is 3 months away. Timothy tells everyone that he is going to turn 4 soon, which is not exactly true. But, I know it’s going to happen before I know it. My little family is growing up. We’re keeping our fingers crossed in hope that everybody will be out of diapers by this time next year. What an exciting time that will be.

Since we had the party early, we told Emily she could go to dinner wherever she wanted to on her birthday. She chose Chuck E. Cheese. She invited a friend’s family to come along too. So, yesterday we loaded into two vehicles and headed to Lubbock. We were going to go today, but couldn’t since I direct the 1st and 2nd Grade choir on Wednesday nights. So, we went yesterday and had a great time.

Today, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Emily at school. Scott wanted to go, but today was one of the few chapels that he is required to attend. He’ll go with her the first day he has the chance. I found a sitter for the boys so I could give Emily my undivided attention. I let her pick out all my food from the cafeteria line. She picked out pizza, corn, salad, and pink milk. Yummy!

She’s having a great day. This morning, her class sang Happy Birthday to her in sign language. She is wearing a special birthday crown and a sticker that says “it’s my birthday.” Later, they will have cupcakes. And, she has invited a friend to come home from school with her and play until it is time to go to church.

I want to be in First Grade again. That was fun!
Emily 6th Birthday



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