My birthday

So it happened. It happened so fast I hardly noticed it, but it happened. I’m no longer a twenty-something. I’m part of the old crowd now. There’s no mistaking it, I’m closer to being an old geezer than I’ve ever been before. And for all you old geezers out there, don’t be insulted by that classification. It just means that you’ve got one more in your club to help keep all that noise down and one fewer person awake after 9 pm. So those who know me, know that’s a lie. In fact, despite having looked forward to the gray hairs and the appearance of wisdom they bring, I still feel like a child. Who put this kid in charge of raising three others?

Here’s proof: my primary present that I bought myself a portable gaming system: A Nintendo DS which has a touch screen and plays GameBoy Advance games. Additionally, I picked me up a Tiger Woods game to combine two of my favorite pasttimes: golf and doing nothing.

I did do a couple of grown up things for my birthday, such as eating out at a restaurant as opposed to a fast food joint. Also, I invested a little dough in a piece of software for my IPAQ called Pocket Informant. I’m baby-stepping my way into GTD (Getting Things Done, a life management strategy concocted by David Allen). This little tool has helped make a huge difference in the processing phase. I think the last time I mentioned GTD in my blogs, I was complaining about having mastered the downloading phase, getting all my projects and open loops written down. I was still struggling with getting things done since I was overwhelmed with everything on my plate. Things are better now and this software, Pocket Informant has beena huge help.


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