In his own words . . .

It’s been a while since I updated the family words dictionary. Timo’s added a couple in recent days that I don’t want to forget:

  1. Nankelet: Every night he insists upon having his Blue Nankelet to go to bed. For the record, he also has a Lil’ Nankelet, Big Nankelet, Nemo Nankelet and Rainbow Nankelet. Although, some of those names refer to the same blanket. In fact
    Lil’ Nankelet = Blue Nankelet = Rainbow Nankelet
    Big Nankelet = Nemo Nankelet.
  2. I’m is: “Hey Timo, who’s going to school tomorrow?” ANSWER: “I’m is”.
  3. Zhoo: This one belongs to Zachary. For any of you who happened to have grown up in my generation, you’ll recognize what I mean when I say that it basically has the same meaning as “smurf.” Remember the little blue people that used the word “smurf” to describe just about everything. Well, “zhoo” is a catch-all, just the same. You where it on your feet (shoes), you drink it out of a cup (juice), you put juice in this (cup), you also drink this from a cup (milk). Maybe there’s more but I default to one of those three. If you like you can just walk around saying it to confuse people.

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