Cowboy Days

This weekend was the first time that we participated in the community festivities at Cowboy Days in Plainview.  Every year, there is a parade followed up of several other events, such as barbeque feasts or inflatable toys for the kids or face painting, etc.  We went to the parade at 10:30 and were fortunate enough that our usual spot that we scope out for parades in Plainview was toward the beginning of the parade as opposed to the end.  This makes us fortunate because we made quite a haul in candy.  Normally the parades start from the south but this time around it came from the north.  Most of the time, when it starts from the south we are parked toward the end and anyone throwing candy has long since run dry.  I think I’ll need to be giving some candy away in my office for a little while.

Anyways, after the cattle drive and parade, we headed over to the park for some fun.  We ate chopped brisket sandwiches, visited a few booths, let the kids watch a puppet show then jump on some inflatable bounce house toys.  All in all, it made for a very fun day.  The kids had a lot of fun and so did Lori and I.  With Lori’s parents down, they got to enjoy all the fun as well.

On top of all that, we’ve got a couple more words to add to the dictionary:

  1. buster:  Timothy managed to get on of these on his finger and needed a bandaid to help it feel better.  Why, it was a blister of course.
  2. taste buttons:  Emily was attempting to understand her Grandaddy when he asked if she had any taste buds on her tongue.  This is what she thought were scattered over her tongue.

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