A feel good night

I just wanted to say how good it feels to come home at night, with no plan or agenda of things to get done, except to play with and take care of my kids. Tonight, Lori had a class to teach on Excel down at the community classroom. Actually, even prior to that she had two tutoring sessions scheduled. The kids were behaving themselves in Emily’s room when I got home. I went in and watched a movie with them. After Lori was done tutoring, we all had dinner together. That is something I am quite proud of, that we rarely go a single day without all sitting down together and having dinner. Sure, the kids are all under 7 years old so it’s pretty easy to round them up, but as far as I am concerned that is one of the most important times of my day.

After dinner, Lori had to scoot on down to the community classroom, while I stuck around and played with the kids. Emily did trapeze stunts on the swing set. Timothy mowed the yard with his bubble mower, minus the bubbles. Zachary spun in circles for a while then attempted to mimic the other two kids, failing miserably. Yet, he still ended up having a blast. And just so you know, I was smart enough to spray them all down with mosquito spray. That’s a big deal considering the third eye that Zachary grew in the middle of his forehead due to the last mosquite bite.

Emily then did her homework and follwed by a shower, the boys and I read a book, and then they all went to bed. I did not get any research done, any of my TV shows watched, the kitchen is not cleaned and the toys aren’t picked up. But in my mind, tonight was a complete success with everything in its place.


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