How to say I love you . . .

How to say I love you with cottage cheese:

Today I opened by refrigerator and noticed that there was some cottage cheese in there. Normally that would be no significant event but it reminded me that my wife loves me. The time she bought that for me was after I had made a couple of off-hand comments about not getting to have any in the house. This is because she does particular like cottage cheese. Actually it completely grosses her out to the point that she won’t even allow it in the house. But, nonetheless, she went out and went to the store and bought some and has graciously allowed me to keep them in my office. Fortunately I have a refrigerator in my office so it doesn’t get old or nasty or anything like that. Although, I don’t know why but I haven’t eaten any yet. Maybe I will today.

I feel loved when my wife buys me cottage cheese.


4 thoughts on “How to say I love you . . .

  1. It happens; Anna has just recently got her cast off after diving off the chair and fracturing her left arm. You’ll be surprised how quickly they adjust to anything new. Please don’t feel any guilt, kids are kids.

  2. I feel so sorry for the little guy. Would love to give him a hug, but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea right now. Looks like he’s adapting pretty well to the splint. Hope he gets over his tonsilitis real soon also.

  3. From the way he’s acting today, I can’t even tell he’s got a broken bone. I have to keep telling him to stop climbing on things. I guess the ibuprofen is doing it’s job. Only 27 more days with the splint….


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